how to design a band logo?
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Hello me and my father are planning on starting a band anyone know any good free programmes for a band logo or something like that?
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If you are using Windows, Paint.NET might be preferable to GIMP.
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On second thought, if you want to create a logo that is scalable (i.e., you can make a single version and then blow it up to any size and it won't look blurry or choppy), use an SVG editor like Inkscape.
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If you try to make a band logo using Inkscape or GIMP, without any prior training or experience in design, there are very good odds that your output will be utter shit. Please start this process with a pencil and a piece of paper. If you can't do it in that medium, you can't do it on the computer.
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Quick and dirty
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2nding Gimp. Awesome for the price (free!)
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gimp = raster art, hard to print nicely on your posters and tshirts. inkscape = vector art, far better for printing.

But unless you have a pretty good sense of design, you may want to outsource it to any of a thousand graphic designers who do quick and dirty logo work- just google for it.
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