Can anyone recommend a similar Barcelona hotel?
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Can anyone recommend a similar Barcelona hotel?

My boyfriend and I are hoping to stay in Barcelona sometime between the 14th and 23rd September for 7 nights. Last night, after checking MeFi, we found the perfect one -

... only to discover that it's not available for the dates we need.

Can anybody recommend a really nice, cosy, not grossly expensive, not ridiculously noisy and central, friendly, perhaps even nice-looking hotel in Barcelona?

I think that due to the location of the Banys Oriental, we're also preferably looking for somewhere near or around the Jaume 1 or Barceloneta(?) metro stations.
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Don't really fit location wise but I've stayed at the Banys, the Market Hotel and the 987 and I preferred both to the Banys.
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Hey I was just in Barcelona in March, and to be very blunt skip the hotels and rent an apartment instead. We found one through the internet at I think but there are several options.

I have also used short term apartment rentals in dublin, london and berlin. It works out cheaper than a hotel and you really do end up with the comforts of home.

Check on google for more info, and I will look up exactly where we stayed in barcelona if interested.
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I stay at the Pulitzer....
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I like Hotel Lleo.
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I stayed at the aforementioned Hotel Lleo on recommendation from these forums. Great, spacious rooms, very affordable, and terrific front desk/concierge staff. It's just a 2 blocks north of the north end of Ramblas.
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