Help me decorate my wall!
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What sites offer awesomely cool, giant vinyl wall art?

I have one huge blank wall in my living room that I'd like to display some large vinyl art on. I have perused etsy but everything seemed so girly- flowers and butterflies and vines. Blik is better in the art and geek factor for me but still, nothing suited my taste. I know there has to be more sites out there with large designs. I'm looking for something that's more like a huge picture than something simple where the design is up to me. Any suggestions? Thank you!
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Pottery Barn Teen
offers some wall murals. A lot of sports, but a few other things.

"Wall murals" might be a helpful term in general.
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This was recently posted to MetaFilter.
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Mira en tu interior (in Spanish, but these are visuals, right?)
Domestic (French, and a gazillion options)

Many places that sell these vinyl wall stickers will make custom shapes for you, so if you find something you like from a far-off company, you may have an easier time getting it reproduced near home.

Good luck!
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You could make your own stencil with the rasterbator
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whatisblik is pretty nice.
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Fathead for sports graphics, Disney, movies, etc. Nothing says geeky more than a lifesize stormtrooper
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I searched for this the other day and liked some of the decals on Dezign with a Z
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Unclutterer has a list of 11 sites for wall decals; I haven't gone through each to see if they offer the larger designs you're looking for, but perhaps you'll have some luck.
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second Blik.
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