Best Korean food in Portland?
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Best Korean restaurant in Portland?

Coming to PDX next week and want to take some friends out for Korean food. Where's the best place to do that?
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I will be watching this thread with interest. I grew up with good Korean food and BBQ in Hawaii and the only good Korean restaurant I've found in Portland is Sorabol on the eastside.

Now if you happen to be 2.5 hours north in Federal Way, Washington, you can't go 2 feet without walking into a Korean restaurant. Here, eh, maybe my luck has been bad. Plus I hate driving to the westside so that probably limits my options.

If you do go to Sorabol, Fubonn mega market is nearby so stop in to get your vietnamese/chinese/asian fix. Great produce and fish section (bonus point to your guests for finding the "pork bung.") There's also a great Chinese bakery in the back of that complex, if you have room for dessert.
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Oh yeah, about Sorabol: they bill themselves as an Asian fusion restaurant, but their menu is largely Korean.
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Former NBA player (or maybe current, I can't remember) Ha Seung Jin--the first Korean player on an NBA team--used to talk up Nakwon in Beaverton all the time. I've heard good things about it from others as well. In general I'd guess that in Beaverton or out on 82nd/Fubonn would be the most likely location for good Korean grub.
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definitely sorabol if you want KBQ but i also love bewon if you want to get a little fancier. the prix fixe is damned good.
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Had a pretty good meal at Sorabol, but definitely glad to be back home in Seoul now.

Thanks for the help!
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