Help me find urban decoration
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I'm looking for "urban" decoration and posters.

A friend of mine has a pizzeria that has an urban ambiance. And by "urban" I mean an old looking brick wall with a small tag, some posters by Obey Giant, a couple of photograps of Banksy stuff and stickers from indie record labels.

He asked me for help searching for more stuff like that. Where can I find more stuff similar to what he has now? sites seem to have corny or classy stuff, but I'm looking more for independent/small artists.

thanks for any help.
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Best answer: Etsy, Etsy, Etsy!
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Best answer: Upper Playground
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Try and find a local street artist to do a custom piece for the wall. If he can't afford to pay much, maybe free pizza would do the trick! Also, stenciling is pretty easy to do- there are a few good tutorials over at Stencil Revolution. Give it a shot!
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Best answer: Prints and posters at The Giant Peach.
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Best answer: PosterWhore has some neat stuff
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There is a local artist in New Orleans who does some amazing stuff on the backs of skateboards.
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Some wall space for local artists who want a place to sell their stuff. Good way to make some extra bucks too.
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