For instance, does tulsa have any World Record size corn dogs?
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I'm going to tulsa in a month. I recently ate the biggest steak in Amarillo - 72 oz - at the big texan. Is there anything similar in Tulsa I should sacrifice my health for? The world's biggest cheeseburger? A dinner roll the size of a baby? Anything?

I know. It's silly. And it's probably going to cost me 100 bucks for 40 dollars worth of chow. But I'm on a mission now. And I need to do it before my inevitable ulcers kick in when I hit 40.

So what can I consume in Tulsa or nearby that is of heroic proportions and that will make a fine addition to my facebook achievements?

Also, any general non-epic food suggestions for Tulsa tourism (or thereabouts) are also welcome.
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I've got nothing about epic food, but since you asked for other tourism suggestions: if I were going to Tulsa, my main priority would be Frank Lloyd Wright's only skyscraper, Price Tower.
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So, you're looking for something mid-August? Pity, because the competitive eating action in Tulsa is next week. Feel like BBQ?
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The best steak I ever had was at the Mahogany Steakhouse in Tulsa:

Not a matter of size, just quality and taste. They cook them at a very high temperature, which makes a big difference.

I had a NY strip that was about 2" thick. It was *perfectly* cooked throughout. Extremely tasty, juicy, and tender.

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Whoops, here's the link again:


They also have a very good wine list.
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I just recently went to Tulsa and LOVED it! Super easy to get around. Lots of fun little holes in the wall. The people are really wonderful. I made a google map of some of the places we liked. You'll notice my compulsion is coffee. There was lots of fun hot-dog places: Coney Island (self flickr link) downtown near the new arena, and the Coney Islander on 11th or Admiral. If this won't kill ya, nothing will. Have fun. Tulsa is awesome.
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mmmm..... I work about 3 seconds from the Coney Island downtown - and stop in occasionally to shorten my lifespan. Delicious.

dog food sugar, you hit a lot of great spots. Cain's and the Brady are two of my favorite spots on your list - did you get to catch an act?
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I can't pass through Oklahoma without stopping for a Johnny's Burger. In either Tulsa or OKC.
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bradth27 I really liked your town. We saw Tom Waits at the Brady - but missed Cain's. I wish we could have seen something there - what a great looking place. We did stop at Ida Red on Peoria and had a soda (there was an insane collection of pop bottles in that store) and a great chat with the owner. All very fun.
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As dog food sugar mentions, the coneys in Tulsa are not to be missed. They seem to be unique in this part ofaorf the country, somehow. I've never encountered coney joints like those elsewhere in my admittedly limited travels. I'm in Dallas now, and I miss those coneys desperately.

If you like Tex-Mex, I highly recommend Chimi's. Go to the one at 15th and Peoria- it's got the best ambiance in my opinion, and I can't help but think that the food's a little better, too. It's my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant in the world.

Tulsa's Lebanese steakhouses are also a treat. There are two or three still around- Jamil's, silver Flame, Eddy's. As I understand it, they're all run by individual members of a large extended family. It's kinda neat, and definitely a well-established part of the Tulsa dining scene. I recommend Eddy's- it's at roughly 31st and Harvard. They serve a huge course of appetizers like cabbage rolls, hummus, and BBQ bologna before you get your really excellent steak.

For general fine dining, it's hard to beat The Wild Fork at Utica Square. The catfish is excellent.

As far as a place to satisfy your urge for gluttony, nothing's coming to mind. You'll probably want to order double servings at any of the places above, though. If I think of anything else, I'll post again. Happy eating!
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Wikitravel hits on some good spots in Tulsa. I highly recommend Elmer's BBQ (it be bad!) and a visit to the Center of the Universe, the acoustics there will baffle your brain.
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passed along by a pal of mine who i an editor at the Tulsa World....for your dining pleasure

I don't have a Metafilter account, but if you can, please pass along that Bill's Jumbo Burgers at 2002 E. Admiral Blvd. (not Admiral Place) in Tulsa has a two-pound burger, which is the biggest I've seen anywhere. The restaurant is on the south outer frontage road of I-244, between Utica and Lewis avenues on the north side of town.

Bill's is quite a place. It's an old diner that was carted in by the railroad and erected there sometime in the 1940s or '50s. It's claim to fame isn't just its size of the burgers; a lot of locals swear by the place. I've been there only once, but I can attest that it is an excellent burger joint.

More here:

More info here:

Bill's is a lunch-only place; it's open until 3 p.m. It's also closed on weekends. So plan accordingly.


Ron Warnick
Route 66 News
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This doesn't qualify under "World's Biggest" anything, but meets your "sacrificing my health" criteria: you should definitely stop by Ron's Hamburgers & Chili while in Tulsa.

You can see the menu here. The sausage cheeseburger (half ground beef, half sausage, with pepper jack cheese) is not to be missed, and if you really want to go all out, you could go for the sausage chili cheeseburger (same as above but with chili and fried onions as well).

Add a side order of the Spanish fries (fries cooked with onions and jalapenos) and you're well on your way to sacrificing your health for the benefit of your taste buds.
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