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Is it easy to get existing lenses put in replacement frames of the same type -- esp. when the latter are ordered online, and it would be ideal to have them re-inserted locally?

Family member broke a temple on his frames; the manufacturer claims to not recognize the frame type, so repair/spare part is out of the question. Nonetheless, I have several choices: (1) buy replacement frame of the same type (so lenses should fit) from a local Pearle Vision: (2) buy replacement frame from online site at 2/3s price, and send them the lenses; (3) buy replacement frame as #2, but get it sent to me for lens installation -- saving some shipping hassle and risk of damaging lenses (which risk site will not assume).

Does anyone have success with #2? Or experience with persuading some local store to manage the insertion at low cost? I have always been struck by the kindness of stores in making petty adjustments to my own specs, regardless of whether I am purchasing something, but this seems a bit much -- and I am not sure whether they typically offer this as a low-fee service. Online site was not specific, even via customer service. Thanks in advance.
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I'd go with 3, but with a twist. Is it possible to install the lenses yourself? It's been pretty easy with mine, but they might be something fancy, but it's another option to consider.

I'm betting that they don't have a price set for that kind of task, so they might just do it for free, rather than hassle with coming up with a price.

I've ordered glasses online in the past, and went to a local store, and had them adjust it for me. There was no charge, even though I didn't purchase it there, and I tried to give the man a five, but he wouldn't accept. It really is amazing the level of service they'll give when it comes to adjustment, that's the only major advantage it has over online ordering.

If the lenses don't fit, are you prepared to buy new lenses to fit? That would be the deciding factor, I think. If you're not willing, I'd hit up pearl vision, and if you are, I'd go with #3 with a self install
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I have replaced lenses myself. I have had opticians replace them for me. I even had an optician solder a frame back together after a part cracked (obviously, these were metal frames).

Unless you've got frameless glasses, doing it yourself shouldn't be that hard.
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are the frames metal or plastic? I've tried #3 with plastic frames. It didn't really work out. I had bought the frames some place else because it was cheaper, and took them to my regular optometry place. The place was really nice and attempted to get the lenses in, but even though the frames were the same model the lenses wouldn't fit. They were just off by a little bit. You should go and try though. I've never done #2.
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