Got an (particular) old textbook there?
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I need to know the table of contents for the 2nd edition of Eysenck and Keane's Cognitive Psychology: A Student's Handbook, published in 1990, ISBN# 0863771548

I'm compiling a list of the tables of contents from various Cog Psych textbooks of the past four decades, as a (very) rough way to get a look at how the field has changed. I've managed to find the ToC for Eysenck and Keane's 1st edition textbook, as well as editions 3 through 5--all I need is the second edition to complete the set!

I do realize that this is a ridiculous thing to ask, but you never know. Maybe someone will read this and immediately meMail me the table of contents from E&K's Cognitive Psychology: A Student's Handbook, 2nd Ed., published in 1990. (:

Help me complete the set! I have to catch them all!
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Aw, man. I passed up a copy of this on the 'I'm cleaning out my office so I'll put all this crap here for students to take and eventually deposit at another similar place in the future' table just yesterday. I ran downstairs and checked, but it's already gone. I'll check around my department, but it's doubtful. Sorry for this non-answer.
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You can get it on Amazon for 13 cents.
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Check your memail.
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Holy crap, that is amazing!!! Thank you!
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