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Miami Beach Hotel Filter: Can you help me find the right Miami Beach hotel? Is my plan for a family vacation in Miami plausible? Details inside.

Miami Beach Hotel Filter.

I am working in Miami in early August. My company has given me a $200 per night hotel allowance. I can spend it anyway I want, including bringing my family, getting two rooms, and letting them have a Miami vacation while I work.

I would like to get a hotel within walking distance of Miami Beach. The family will not have a car. Can I find two decent rooms for $200 per night within walking distance of Miami Beach?

Also, I am working near the intersections on Highway 821 and Highway 41. It is only about 12miles from the beach. But, I guess it is 12 miles across a city. Is staying on Miami Beach going to make for a terrible commute to my work location?

I greatly appreciate any help to either question.
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Go to expedia and do a hotel search for miami beach with a start date of Aug 1 and an end date of Aug 15. It will give you the rate at all the hotels for each night. Then you can see if anything is in your price range and target your visit.

If it's $200 total for two rooms ($100/room) it's probably doable with compromises. If you can spring for and extra amount out of pocket, say an extra 30/40 per night, you should be fine.
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Would you be willing to clarify at all the ages of your family and what they might be looking to do (nightlife, activities for small children, shopping, etc)?
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My family is wife and 3 children. Oldest is 12.
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We (two adults and a toddler) had a good time at this place: Newport Beachside Resort. It has somewhat faded 70's style decor, but it has a few things going for it outside of the reasonable price: It's right on the beach (and a very nice beach at that) with a big pool and a small kiddie pool. Everything is right outside the hotel - no need to even cross a street. It has a pretty decent playground for younger children right on the beach and access to water sport rentals. There are restaurants on-site as well as within walking distance. They also have two bedroom suites so assuming you are willing to stay in one room you might be able to make it on your budget or just above. Downsides: It's in North Miami Beach so your commute will be longer, and unless the family is willing to take public transportation they will probably be stuck in the area - I guess to sum up it'll be a nice place for a relaxing beach vacation but not a great place if their goal is to get out and explore Miami.
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Staying at Miami Beach South is like being in the the 5th circile of hell. Stay further North to avoid the teens and college kids. I recommend the reviews on highly. FWIW, the worst hotel I ever stayed in in my life was the Hotel Shelley, owned by a chain that runs several hotels in that area. I've stayed in a lot of bad places, but I'd never feared for my life before or since.
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