Where have all the good domains gone? Help name my website!
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Help me name my service rating, community website.

We don't like the current proposals for a name and are hoping the creativity of the hive mind can help. The site is an online community which provides reliable reviews of service businesses for homeowners. It is like yelp.com but focused more on home services. Key words that I've been thinking of are grapevine, word of mouth, spread, reliable, guide, service, review, trust, community, neighbor, home.

If the domain is available that is great, but I'm open to all suggestions which might lead to an interesting, memorable name. Thanks in advance.
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grapey.com, grapeguide.com, goodgrape.com, homeroo.com, homeburger.com, handyhunter.com, goodhomegossip.com, hesagoodguy.com, heisagoodguy, (when people say call so-and-so, he's a good guy) whoisgood.com, (s)heisgood.com, gooda.com, moobor (play on neighbor, but... moo)
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a site i worked on helps you to find good domain names. currently in private beta, but if you request an invite, you should get approved in a few hours.
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or slightly more literal:



I like abstract stuff, myself. But you could maybe go less poetic and more abstract, which is what everyone does to deal with all the domain squatters too ('flickr' is an example.)

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Thanks everyone for your input. A Terrible Llama, you are right, I like the abstract names too, as long as they are easy to spell and remember and have a link to concept.

kamelhoecker - I'll take you up on your offer and have requested an invite. Thanks.

I'll post back here when the final result is known.
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Just to close this thread, I followed up with another question later.
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