Papercraft is too popular a title word nowdays
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Can someone help me remember this book? It was a book about making all sorts of things from paper, mainly models, and I remember the start of the book talking about how to make forest fairies and flora (actually fungi).

I borrowed this book constantly as a kid from my elementary school library (yes, "Make and Do" was my favorite childcraft volume too), but right now, that library is a quarter of the earth away.

I remember it being about letter-paper sized, and fairly thick, maybe about an inch thick. It was paperback, and the color of the cover was a tan or peach color?

Something that sticks in my head is they told you how to make glue pots out of paper...and I think they were supposed to be like tree stumps too, sticking with the forest fairy theme in the beginning of the book.

Last thing--this book is most likely over 25 years old.

Dunno if that's enough to find it...but that's all I got. Thanks in advance!
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Paper Projects For Creative Kids of All Ages? 1983
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Here's a description from Stump the Bookseller:

Q: Hello - I just submitted a Paypal payment for a stumper. Unfortunately, my cat jumped on the keyboard and hit enter before I could type a description. I think you will get a blank request. Here is what I am looking for: The book is an oversize art & craft project book. I checked it out from the library at school many, many times. It contains instructions on how to make many things from paper, including a tree house in a stump. It uses paper "skins" in several projects, much like papier mache. The cover was beige with red lettering and had a picture of the stump house on the front. It was probably from the mid seventies, as it was older when I was checking it out in the late eighties. Any information would be appreciated!

A: Jim Bottomley, Paper Projects for Creative Kids of All Ages, 1983. This is almost definitely the book you're looking for because it's beige with red lettering and has a picture of the tree stump project on the front.
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Wow, that just might be that you mention it, I remember a lot of talk about using paper bags to create models. Trying to find a picture of the cover to verify...

How...did you find that? I've been googling furiously and browsing through amazon to find that.

Thank you!
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It was for sale on amazon for 40 cents. I bought it. I'll update this thread when it comes in!
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Cool ;) I searched at loganberry books using advanced google. I used the words paper and fairy and tree and make.
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That was it!

No fairy folk in the beginning, (my memories got mixed up with the Cottingley fairies, I think), but definitely a tree stump house, along with tons of childhood memories. The glue pots were described very early on, that's probably why I remembered it so vividly.

But, thank you so much! I'm still amazed that you found it after 11 minutes, but hey, I have a new book resource too :)
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