Cute Cycling clothes for Women
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Women cyclists-----can you recommend some cute and comfortable biking tops? I bike with a friend a few times a week for exercise doing hills and paths in our town and would like some tops that feel good and look good. I also do errands on my bike from time to time. I have black padded shorts and need some tops that will inspire me to get out and ride. Any recommendations for summer tops and if you have ideas for fall biking clothes I would be interested in that too! Thank you!
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I'd suggest taking a look at, they have an abundance of woman's cycling clothing, especially tops. Chainlove is a one-item-until-its-gone site for bicycle-related gear. In fact, they have a really nice Giordana sleeveless jersey as I write this.

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Team Estrogen has tons of great women's cycling clothing. I've purchased lots of woman-specific stuff there for the female cyclists in my life that I didn't even know existed in special designs.
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I use TeamEstrogen as well, but also the Terry Bicycles site.

For commutes to work or easier rides, I usually throw on a Nike Dry Fit top, which comes in bunches of colors. Not super cute, but you can pick them up pretty cheap.
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For those around town/errand rides I love my cycling skirts. Pearl Izumi has tons of cute tops. They can be a bit pricy so it's good to keep an eye out for sales.
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Craft's base layers are very comfortable.
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I like Athleta's stuff. Their cycling section is quite limited, but I don't see why you couldn't use their very cute yoga tops instead. They have pretty good sales on occasion, too.
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My wife LOVES jerseys made by Gore. She said they are softer than ant others she's tried and fit her better than most. Of course, it's altogether possible that you're shaped differently from her, making this less-than-helpful, but you can try them on at some local bikeshops and also at the big chains like Performance.
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