I want to read teen drama!!
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This is for my daughter, she is absolutely in love with Louise Rennison and wants to read something that is similar and British, in preparation for her trip to England.

She's American, 17 years old, and loves the show Skins.
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Check out this blog. Browsing Amazon there seems to be overlap between those that buy Louise Rennison's books and those of Joanna Nadin and Grace Dent. Search for those two authors on amazon.co.uk.
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This is from an Australian author, but Feeling Sorry for Celia is a great YA chicklit book that is very funny.
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Not aimed specifically at teens but the 16+ women in my family laughed themselves silly at Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic. She's written a couple of follow-ups too.

Also recommended are Malorie Blackman and Sue Limb.
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Sugar Rush by Julie Burchill was also adapted for Channel 4.

The film of Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging is just about to be released so that might well coincide with her trip.
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Well no-one does it quite like Louise Rennison - she has a pretty unique, hilarious voice. :-) But you could try the Mates series by Cathy Hopkins.

Joanna Nadin is a lot like Rennison, but not quite as good. But probably the closest you'll get to the style of the Angus books.

Ditto the Shopaholic books too - fine for a 17 year old, featuring another hopeless brit, with a great voice, and really, really funny.
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