Fathers Day at Fenway
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My father and I were on the Fenway jumbotron on July 12, 2008 but we weren't able to snap a pic.

My brother and I brought our father to the game v. The Orioles as a belated father's day gift. He had always brought us to opening day as kids and hadn't been to a game since, so we thought it fitting. We also were given a chunk of Fenway to take home (that my father accidentally knocked off with his foot on the way to the restroom) as another sentimental piece of memorabilia.

I'd love to get my hands on any incidental pic of the jumbotron while we were on it. I've googled "fenway jumbotron July 12" and various other combinations to no effects (though I did find a pic of a 'congratulations to this married couple on their anniversary' on the jumbotron that was displayed during the same game).

If anyone could shed some light, or even find the pic (I'm holding a beer staring off at the jumbotron, my dad's in his 'Maine' cap smiling next to me), I would be forever grateful.
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Try "missed connections" on craigslist.
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A google search of flickr for July 12 Red Sox gave a few albums, here and here, and there are probably more if you look longer than I did and adjust the search terms. Worth checking out, maybe.
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If you haven't already tried FlickR.com, check it out. Otherwise, I would suggest posting to Facebook Marketplace in the Boston area and see if that turns up anything. Good luck!
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Also consider contacting NESN (majority owned by the Sox) which broadcast the game that day. They might be able to provide you with a "screen cap" from archival footage.
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Was the game televised? Perhaps check in with them; even if the shot of the jumbotron never made it on TV, it could be on tape somewhere.
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How about a photoshop job? Pick a different picture of you guys from that day, size it into place, and reduce the quality a little bit to make it look jumbo-tronish.

Sure, it wouldn't be nearly as cool as the real thing, but at least it would remind you of the day and what a great day you had.
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