Where to rent beach umbrellas in San Diego?
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Where can I rent beach umbrellas in San Diego (in downtown or near Torrey Pines Beach) other than Cheap Rentals in Mission Beach?
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I don't know of anyplace in particular, but I might be able to guide you in a decent direction. First, the only place google comes up with is Ocean Beach Equipment Rentals on Bacon Street. Second, there's not going to be much beach rental stuff downtown, because there's no beach around there. Third, there's not going to be much rental stuff in Torrey Pines because it's a state park and there's no little beach town by the beach. Someone might set up a stand or something, but there's not a whole lot going on around there--just a bunch of parking spots and the ocean.

The problem you're going to run into is that Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, and Ocean Beach are the big, main, crowded touristy beaches in San Diego (although plenty of locals go there as well), so that's where all the rental stuff is going to be. Locals that go other places will probably have all their own stuff. La Jolla Shores is the other big one that you might want to try, and there are a lot of rental stores by the beach but I'm not certain that any of them rent umbrellas--I've just seen kayaks and surfboards and stuff like that. Get there early, because it gets pretty crowded in the summer and doesn't quite have the parking capacity that other beaches have.
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I'll second that - I haven't seen any place that rents beach umbrellas here. I'd suggest just stopping by Target or Walmart and picking up a couple of your own; prices will probably be comparable.

Again, get there early if you do decide to head to Mission, Pacific or Ocean Beach. If you get your own umbrellas, I'd head to less-crowded beach up-coast, like Del Mar.
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