Fold-flat DVD player case?
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Is there an in-car case available for a fold-flat portable DVD player?

I have a Toshiba SDP91SK portable DVD player that I purchased to help entertian a two year old on a seven hour car trip. It is the type that the screen swivels and folds flat like a tablet PC.

I wanted to get a case or bag that will let me mount this to the back of a car seat (in my 2007 RAV4 if that matters). All the cases are like this one that open like a laptop and leave the lower half of the player hanging. I'm worried about the little one kicking the crap out of the player with this thing hanging six inches from her feet.

Is there a similar bag out there that will let the player fold flat so that there is not so inviting a target for little feet? Google has failed me so far...
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I should also ask for a place to buy that will ship to Canada, if such a case exists.
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