Good sausage of the month club?
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Does anyone have any recommendations for a good "sausage of the month" club?

The intended recipient is not exactly a foodie but appreciates good food and good sausages in particular. He lives in New York, as I do, so New York City sources, though tasty, might not be ideal. Googling seems to yield relatively few places and almost no critical opinion.
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My grandfather's friend signed him up for monthly sausage deliveries from He loved it, but had to terminate his club membership because his doctor told him sausage isn't renal diet-friendly.

Or you can just give your friend a Playgirl calendar.
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I should add that my grandfather isn't a foodie and thinks Stauffer's frozen dinners are the height of haute cuisine.
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While not sausage, Bacon-of-the-month looks good and is equally as porky.
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Fortuna Sausage Company. I got this for some friends as a wedding gift and they enjoyed it very much. Shipped via FedEx in freeze paks right to their door.
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zentrification, sausages without preservatives don´t carry that risk. I think that´s probably what the OP means by ¨good sausages¨.

I think it would be difficult to get nice fresh sausage shipped to you. Surely you have a nice local craft sausagemaker there? If you want interesting regional flavors, This guy makes sausage with red and green chili as ingredients, but I don´t know if he ships.
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