Estimating utilities in a college town
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Help us to estimate utilities?

Howdy, folks. A relative of mine will soon be attending Humboldt in Arcata. I've been to college myself, but it was on the East Coast, and it was ten years ago, so I'm scratching my head trying to estimate utilities for budgeting purposes. Are any of you familiar with the area? She's going to be sharing a two-room studio. So the two renters would be splitting the utilities for that space. Have Googled and come up unlucky. Thanks so much for any help you can provide.
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Our 1 Br apartment in San Francisco with 2 adults requires $35 - $70 total for electricity and gas (stove and heat) per month from PG&G. We don't mind it colder in the winter so that number could be higher for them then.
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you can usually call the utility company and get an average of what the last residents paid every month, you just need an adresss. Of course, I'm in the midwest and not familiar with the area at all.
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Also, check to see if the water/sewer and garbage are paid by the landlord. They are in most shared environments, but not all.
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