Little boxes vex me
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I'm suddenly getting little boxes of letter-number combinations in the text on my computer screen. What are they?

My Google-fu has mysteriously failed me and I don't know what I'm looking at. This one (☮) is supposed to be a peace symbol (from a blog post). [It looks like this is going to work, but on the off chance it doesn't post like I'm seeing it, it's a little square with the number 26 on top and 2E below.]

These things are starting to appear in search results and now in blogs. What are they and from whence do they suddenly appear? And why?

Many thanks.
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It shows correctly as a peace sign on my end. Sounds like your browser or OS isn't displaying Unicode correctly.
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It would help a lot of we knew what kind of computer you're using, and what operating system, and what browser.
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Refining my previous answer, it appears that if the font Firefox (on XP, at least) is using doesn't have the Unicode character referenced, it will display a box instead with the glyph's ID in it; in this case (262E). Either change the font that you're using in Firefox to a more Unicode-friendly font, or try installing one of the free Unicode fonts available.

Relevant Wikipedia links
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It appears to be a bug/misconfiguration related to Firefox 3.
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You may also want to check out this site, and his instructions for enabling Unicode in various browsers

Also see this site for a list of fonts on your machine that support that character (you need JavaScript enabled for that site to work) Also.
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Ooh, thanks for asking this. I started seeing those around here on mefi about a week ago, and I figured people were doing some kind of html magic. It makes way more sense that it happened when I upgraded to firefox 3, because the timing coincides perfectly.
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I have this as well in Firefox 3. Unicode is enabled in the options and it happens in all fonts.
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Datapoint: FF3, Ubuntu Hardy and I see a peace sign.
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From the wikipedia page on the peace sign:
In Unicode, the peace symbol is U+262E: ☮, and can thus be generated in HTML by typing x262E; or 9774;. However, many browsers will not have a font that can display it.
There's your answer. You need to install more fonts. Either fonts that are good for showing symbols or fonts specific to languages you are trying to view i.e. Japanese, Chinese, Thai (not latin)
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Try upgrading to Firefox 3.0.1 (released today!) I did and it seemed to fix the problem on my computer.
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Related bug: If you're using FF on a Mac and the heart/lessthanthree (&heart;) symbol is not showing, switch your default Japanese font to Osaka-Mono. No idea why that solves the bug but it does, according to Bugzilla.
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