I need inspiration for my new home office
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Please give me home office inspiration

I'm redecorating my home office and I need inspiration. I found a great one on lifehacker (http://lifehacker.com/photogallery/mccoy/) and I was hoping the hivemind would be able to show other neat offices. This might seem silly but I thought I would try. To help I'm also going to give a rundown of my likes.

David Bowie
Iggy Pop
Urban Fashion
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Could try Google's 3D Warehouse and search for Home office. You have to load sketchup to look at them but it's free. I've also had some success going thru the IKEA catalog as well as the Costco Home web site. But I enjoy the shopping side of furnishing an office.
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In my office-office I had the wall decals as well and they looked great (specifically, these), but they are crazy expensive. You really need multiple packs in different colors to get the best effect but suddenly you've just spent $70 on stickers. Even my 13-year-old girl self wouldn't approve.

I bought three band posters off of eBay, all the same size, and some inexpensive silver metal frames, and they look really nice too (I picked three posters with complementary color palettes). Your mileage may vary but I like styles like this, which say, "Hey I might be a hipster jerk but at least my office doesn't look like a dorm room." Framing them nicely helps offset that too.

A big bulletin board for sticking random things on. I have lots of napkin sketches from my former coworkers, so I don't feel so much like I'm working alone.

(Those band posters are still stacked up in a corner since I started working from home, so thanks for the inspiration to finish decorating!)
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Here's my Flickr set about my studio/office.

When my wife and I moved into our studio in 2004, I began documenting the process of moving in and arranging our office. I'd worked in many different office environments, so I had several ideas about how best to use our new workspace. I liked the openness of the design and architecture firms in which I'd worked, and I wanted to avoid the sterility of cubicles. But since we had a very tight budget, I was constantly searching Craigslist and Freecycle for used and free office equipment.

I bought solid-core doors from a lumberyard and coated them with Varathane, and rested them atop a pair of file cabinets to form a cheap, sturdy, simple desk. My wife found the cabinets at Ikea, the flag piece is by a local artist, and we found the poster at an Art Deco fair. The models, mobile, and the "Utopia" letters were design projects.
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The Unclutterer Flickr pool is great. The idea is for people to show off their uncluttered, clean, well-decorated offices, some of which are eventually featured on the Unclutterer website. People have cool ways of organizing their collections and showcasing the things they love. It's very inspirational.
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