Does my yoga mat match my yoga pants?
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Quick, a good ashtanga or hatha class (meaning fairly vigorous, Level 1/2 or 2?) in New York City, around the Upper West Side . . . or Chelsea . . . or the East Village . . . or Williamsburg, Brooklyn? Around those environs for a couple weeks and need some yoga. Varied class schedules would be great. Light on the YOGA TRENDINESS would also be good.
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The Shala is a great ashtanga studio on 12th and broadway - lots of yoga teachers go there. Take Barabra's class, if you can.

I go to the noon class a few times a week. MeMail if you want to meet there sometime.
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I go to Golden Bridge here in LA - it's awesome and they have a branch in Manhattan, but I don't know the neighborhoods there to tell you if it's near any of the places you mention.
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Seconding The Shala. Barbara sings and plays the harmonium at the start of class and it is nirvana-ly. I think she may be away much this summer, however the other teachers are also excellent (and the classes less crowded).
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Thanks, all.

MeFites of the future: Yoga to the People is really, really strange.
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