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I have an HP iPAQ 2750. Around the same time it was manufactured, lots of aftermarket hardware and software came out with promises to enhance the device. One of those applications was a GPRS/GSM plug in modem (via the CF Card slot) and software from a company called Enfora. The modem was bundled with software from a company called BVRP. There was other software without a modem which also installed phone tools on the PDA from another company called WebToGo.

HP sells the modem from Enfora which it claims is compatible with the iPAQ. But after many tries to install it, it seems ActiveSync 4.0 (which is what the iPAQ came with) was preventing it. I upgraded to ActiveSync 4.5 but still no luck with the Enfora/BVRP software.

I assumed the modem to be generic enough to work with any phone tools software, so I found different phone tools from WebToGo. Their phone tools did load onto the iPAQ. But after lots of calls to TMobile and more onliine chats with HP, I can't get the modem to see the TMobile network - this even after getting TMobile's cell to network number (*99#) and its modem string and web address.

I also thought there might be some issues with Windows Mobile 2003. I tried to upgrade to Windows Mobile 5, but the connection kept dropping. After going through that a few times, I decided the upgrade was more trouble than it's worth. Besides, all of the hardware and software says they work with Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 anyway and the latter is what the iPAQ came with. So I decided that probably wasn't the problem.

I know I could just buy a smartphone, but I really like the iPAQ. But I don't want to keep carrying an iPAQ and a cell phone around - cluttered. If there are hackers who can break open an iPhone, it seems there should be somebody who can make this work? It seems like I'm almost there. Does anybody have any advice?
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It looks like Enfora is still around. Have you given them a call or looked at their support pages?

You might get more help if you supplied us with the model number of the modem you purchased.
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Response by poster: The modem is an Enfora-GSM0110. Although Enfora does have a webpage, the company seems to have gone through another set of hands, including what seems like a German company. I can't seem to find a working number, either domestically or internationally.
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Try starting near here

and pick CF Card - GSM0110 / GSM0110-01. You will see links to documentation and info.
They also have some phone numbers there in some forms I can't get a url for,

They have the text on the support page:

Contacting Support:

Purchased through an Enfora reseller / distributor:
For technical support or RMA for products purchased through one of Enfora's resellers/distributors, please contact your reseller/distributor. A list of Enfora resellers and distributors can be found on our Where to Buy page.

Purchased directly from Enfora:
For technical support or RMA for products purchased directly from Enfora, please click here

Any technical support that you receive from Enfora through this website will be subject to our Technical Support Policy. View our Technical Support Policy.

and this link might bring you to a tech support person:

good luck
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