Stupid Firefox question
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Firefox filter...

Stupid question probably but....

Had a friend call last night for tech support help (like I'm capapble of supporting anyone...) more inside

So anyway, it seems that she isn't able to refresh pages or clear her cache. As I load changes to a web site, she's not able to see them. We've updated, cleared everything we can, set history to 0, etc. When she hits reload on a page, it doesn't give her the new stuff. What gives? And I'm sure it's working, I've tried three different machines at my house, remoted into a friends and it works
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Firefox on windows?
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Try IE (or whatever else is available) on the same machine. Same behavior? If so, you probably have an ISP doing silent caching.

(This drove my then-employer crazy a couple of years ago when their ISP quietly installed a cache. The firm markets almost exclusively via the web, and had a lot of demoware on the site, which their own developers couldn't troubleshoot without going home.)

Otherwise, reinstall the app. Short of that, try creating a fresh profile (firefox.exe -profilemanager). If not on XP, is is possible the profile is in a directory with a very long path?
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Sounds like her ISP has a poorly-configured proxy sitting between her and the Web, and it's caching pages to save on bandwidth. Does she have the same issue with other sites or with other browsers?
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Response by poster: She doesn't have the issue w/IE as I recall. She's running XP Pro. We did install Firefox 9.3 while I was on the phone w/her and it did alleviate one problem she was having. Her ISP is time warner in Houston and I've not heard of other cable people having the same issue.
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huh, i have time warner houston, they do not cache like that.
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