Get me to Chapel Hill from NYC!
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How to get to Chapel Hill from NYC?

Hey y'all. So I'm riding up to NYC from Chapel Hill, NC around the first of August, with a friend who is moving there. I was hoping to hang around for a few days and see friends, but I'm struggling with the best way to get back. I have always flown round-trip when visiting NY, when airline prices were more reasonable. Presently, I have very little money, so I'm trying to come up with the most economical way to take a one-way trip back to CH from NYC. I have looked at one way flights and Amtrak. While those options aren't super-expensive, I am looking for alternative ideas that I might not have considered.
A few things:
Please do not suggest taking a bus. I have my reasons for not wanting to take a bus.
As long as I can get to the general Chapel Hill area (Greensboro to Raleigh), I could have someone pick me up at the end.

Mostly, I'm just looking for secrets that others may have discovered when making this trek. Is there a website to find a good rideshare? I have looked at craigslist already, but haven't found much, and I'm not sure I would trust anyone from craigslist. Is there a place to find discounted Amtrak deals? Do you or any of your friends want to drive me?

I'm just trying to save a couple of bucks.
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You can get to Washington D.C. for $21. Amtrak from D.C. to Charlotte is around $150. But it will take forever.

JetBlue direct from NY (JFK) to Charlotte is only $209.
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If you can't find a rideshare, then the train is probably the best way to go. I have had luck with calling Amtrak and asking if the quoted price is their lowest possible price when booking the Raleigh to NYC route, but this was several years ago.
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One-way rental car? Occasionally rental companies need to move/return rolling stock from one location to another. You might find a company that would let you rent one-way with no drop-off charges.
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Response by poster: Hey, thanks for the suggestions thus far. DC and Charlotte are a little too far away for me to ask someone to pick me up.
Also, I'll look into calling Amtrak. Good idea.

Keep them coming.
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On, the Chinatown bus has an occasional bus from DC to Greensboro, one-way, for $30.
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By that, I mean that you can take any variety of Bus for $1-25 each way from NYC to DC (Boltbus, Megabus, Greyhound), and then take the once a day Chinatown bus to Greensboro.
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seconding amtrak, we had a wonderful time taking it to portland, OR from NYC. you'll probably have to transfer once, but its relaxing and nice. if you have a laptop you can plug it in. the seats are pretty nice and recline WAY back. its good times.
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It's kind of stupid, but you could get the Amtrak Metroliner from NYC to DC ($103, at least on a weekend) then fly from DC to Raleigh-Durham, with a long layover in Charlotte, for about $90, with US Airways, thus avoiding buses and getting you all the way back to Raleigh.
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But personally I'd take a deep breath and do the second leg by bus.
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When searching for flights, don't discount flying Southwest out of Islip, Long Island. The Islip Macarthur airport is accessible via public transit, sort of. Take the Long Island Railroad and then shuttle or taxi from the Ronkonkoma LIRR train station ($5 shuttle + $10 train ticket total) to airport.

On the Southwest Airlines site, I just found a one-way Saturday, August 2nd, 6:30am flight to Raleigh/Durham (layover in BWI) for only $107 (web exclusive fare).
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For those suggesting buses, let's just say riding a bus in North Carolina is not something you really want to do unless you absolutely have to.
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I've taken Amtrak from Raleigh to Boston and it was just fine and cheap. You may want to check what the policy is on luggage through the BOS-NY-WASH corridor however. I had a chunk of luggage to check and for whatever reason they wouldn't let me put it in the usual luggage car, I had to carry it with me which was sort of a pain.
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Can you check the UNC student union for ride shares? When I was in school, people would post there (usually over breaks, though, and I would guess it would be slower in the summer). Since you're cool with getting back to just the general area, I'd also try NC State, Duke and UNC-G.
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