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How can I filter a feed based on the absence of terms rather than the presence? I've used feed sifter before, but this won't handle terms you want excluded? Specifically, I'd like to set up an rss to Amazon's Gold Box that excludes the terms jewelry, necklace and watch as that would massively cut down the clutter from this feed.
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Yahoo Pipes lets you make custom feeds excluding certain terms, I think.
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Yup. Yahoo Pipes can easily do that, and a lot more. There is a "filter" block that you can pipe feeds through that lets you either block or permit items matching a set of rules you specify. I've used it to make a feed for my university's newspaper without the stories about things I don't care about or will read elsewhere.
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I just did this yesterday with Yahoo pipes. One issue I had is that there is a time lag for the altered feed. (On the other hand, this could be a google reader issue).
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Yahoo Pipes (echo echo echo)

And yeah, |n$eCur3, that's what you give up when you use Google Reader. There's no "button to refresh all feeds on demand." I've seen it published somewhere that if you're the only person that subscribes to a feed, it's only checked once a day, and that if 2 or more subscribe, it's checked hourly. (My own experience suggests otherwise. Lifehacker seems to update every 10 minutes, and my own Pipes feeds where I know I am the only subscriber seem to update hourly.)
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See also Feed Rinse.
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