Citrix vs. Webex for Webcast events?
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I am working on an initiative at work to change our webcast provider from Webex Event Center to Citrix GotoWebinar. I was curious if any of you use these products (as either a host or as an attendee) for webcast-related purposes and what your experiences have been. Looking for any feedback at all, e.g., costs (and hidden costs, if any), user-experience feedback, administrative hassles, audio issues, customer service, etc.

Events that I host are for subscribers (both trial and paid) to a web service. Approximately 500-800 attendees show up at each event, but attendees can only post questions and answer polls. Attendees are muted during the event. Attendees are able to get continuing education credits for attending, so the events are pretty mission critical. Citrix sounds great but it almost seems too good to be true. Looking forward to any insight/experiences you can share.
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I use GotoMeeting (as the presenter) 3-5 times (software demos) per week. Our company probably runs 20 GotoMeeting sessions a week. We switched from WebEx because GotoMeeting was much less expensive. Also, our customers seem to have less issues with the GotoMeeting client.

I don't have any reservations at all about recommending GotoMeeting for mission critical events.
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I also use GoToMeeting (not Webinar), and the only caveats I have are audio related:
I don't think GTM integrates audio into the presentation - attendees get video onscreen but have to call a mass-conference number to get audio. At least that's how Meeting works, I assume Webinar is the same.
And the number given to attendees is a regular long-distance number, not a toll-free 800 number (different every time, but I seem to recall that it's often a 702 area code), so they pay whatever their own long distance rate is. Either way, the audio quality is fine.
I will also agree that the attendee side of the GTM software is a little more user-friendly than WebEx or Live Meeting.
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