What is the new equivalent of the PaperMate G-Force pen?
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What is the new equivalent of the Paper Mate G-Force pen?

I love the Paper Mate G-Force pen, something about the weight, the action, the feel, the look, the way it writes... I really enjoy this pen. I feel good when I use it. call me OCD, but, I will only sign documents or checks with a Paper Mate G-Force.

Which, of course, means that Paper Mate has discontinued them. What is the pen they used to replace it? Is there an acceptable replacement?
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The equivalent of the PaperMate G-Force pen would beā€¦the PaperMate G-Force pen.

Discontinued, but still widely available, evidently.
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Best answer: BTW, if the supply of G-Forces dwindles, try the ubiquitous Zebra G-301. The profile looks very similar to the G-Force, the stainless barrel has a little more panache that the G-Force's plastic, and Zebra just started selling a gel version. Be still, my heart.
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Response by poster: Will look into the Zebra! Thanks!
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Oops. My bad. The ubiquitous ballpoint is the F-301. The new gel is the G-301.
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i like the uniball ones although I hate ballpen.
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