What if Sinatra Really Digs Orville Redenbacher?
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BarExamFilter: What are your favorite mnemonics and/or memory aids that helped you remember certain elements of a particular rule or concept?

Examples: Stuff like in the BarBri lectures (like Paula Franzese's "Frank Sinatra Doesn't Prefer Orville Redenbacher" for Fee Simple Determinable/Possibility of Reverter) or the "MIMIC" rule for prior acts in Evidence. My creativity's zapped, so I'm desperate for some fresh ideas.
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There are some videos on YouTube that cover various rules of evidence. Some of the highlights include the Lego Hearsay Exception video and Dying Declaration: A Tale of Sock Puppets and Woe. I would consider them more of a quasi-educational study break and less of a serious bar prep tool, but they may help a few concepts stick in your head.
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Paula Franzese is one of the planet's worst, most self-obsessed human beings, and 98 percent of her little songs make no sense whatsoever beyond proving an excuse to sing and/or tell a story about her kids.

However, "Frank Sinatra Doesn't Prefer Orville Redenbacher," and her Motown song "It Takes Two (To Make an Easement Appurtenant)" both worked.
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This post in the Blue has some good stuff.
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KIPPOMIA for Knowledge, Intent, Preparation, Plan, etc.? But you probably already know that one.
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There's a well-known one for the statute of frauds:

MY LEGS: Marriage, Year, Lease (or Land), Executor, Goods, Surety
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MRS BAKER for felony murder--mayhem, rape, sodomy, burglary, assault, kidnapping, escape, and robbery. (Also, I named a cat Mrs. Baker, which I still think is awesome.)
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Wills, trusts and estates...
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Frank Grimes: Thanks, I desperately, desperately needed that laugh.
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my very excellent mother just served us nine pizzas

probably not gender-correct anymore or something, but I have never forgotten the order of the planets. although now that pluto is off the list, I'm not sure what to do.

Also it has proven to be very useful in some odd situations.
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What, no music ones yet? Madness!

On the treble clef staff (ie: lined sheet music), the lines, from bottom to top, are E(very) G(ood) B(oy) D(oes) F(ine). The spaces, from top to bottom, are even easier: FACE.

In the bass clef, the lines (again, from bottom to top) are G(ood) B(oys) D(eserve) F(udge) A(lways), while the lines are A(ll) C(ows) E(at) G(rass).
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