Phone+music stereo headset?
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I’ve just started using my first PDA/Smartphone (Blackberry 8820) and I need some recommendations for a headset. I know there are tons of questions already—and even more online resources—for finding the best Bluetooth earpiece, but I’m not looking specifically for your standard Bluetooth.

I want an iPhone-style headphone plus microphone combination. I’ve looked around a lot, and there are a bunch of stereo headphones, but scant information on them. There are of course the wired stereo phones—exactly like the iPhone headset. There are models that look exactly like the iPhone headset, with standard, earbud, wired earpieces, but they are connected to a Bluetooth dongle that hangs from your ears or clips to your belt. (1,2,3) Then there are your standard Bluetooth earpieces with a connectible earpiece for your other ear. Finally, there are over-the-ear headphones, which I don’t want.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a particular style of stereo headsets with mics? Am I better off just getting a pair of wired headphones with a microphone attached? Are the Bluetooth models any good? (Bonus points for a model recommended—or advised against—by personal experience, and double bonus points if I can connect my SHURE e3c bud headphones instead of relying on crappy Plantronics acoustics!)
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I've been looking for a good stereo to 2.5mm microphone / earphone combo with crappy results. I bought a LG set that sucks:

They worked for a day, and the microphone quality was horrible.

I'm really surprised there aren't more and better choices out there. The Verizon stores I've gone to act like it's a weird request for non-bluetooth stereo/microphone handsfree combo.

I got my LG set at a best buy.
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Response by poster: But it sucks?
If a wired set is going to suck I may as well get Bluetooth and get wireless suckiness.
Anybody else?
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I think you want to search for bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP, in addition to the regular headset profile. I have the Jabra BT8010 for both cell phone use and listening to podcasts (spoken word, so I don't bother with the 2nd stereo earpiece), and like it a lot. Jabra also has the BT8040 now, which is similar but with some design changes. Motorola has a similar device, but I can't remember the model off hand.

The mic on the thing is adequate: the other person definitely knows you're on a cell,but it works.
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