TypePad Post Titles by Categories?
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TypePad Filter: Is it possible to create an "index" page on my TypePad blog that generates a list of all blog post titles under each category or tag, with the post titles being linked to the particular post?

I do not want any content other than the post titles and tag/category name on this index page. The goal is for readers to quickly find a specific post of interest without having to scan a whole page of posts under that category that also includes the opening text of each and every post (the TypePad default). For example:

Category or Tag Name
- Post #1 Title
- Post #2 Title
- Post #3 Title

Next Category or Tag Name
- Post #1 Title
- Post #2 Title
- Post #3 Title

Real World Example:

Pork Recipes(Category/Tag Name)
- Kung Pao Pork
- Schnitzel
- BBQ Shoulder
- Grandma's Baked Pork Chops

IANAC (I am not a coder), so this may be a really simple thing to do, but it's currently beyond my abilities - but I'm willing to learn! If the answer is "not in TypePad," then what are some alternatives? But I'd really like to stay with Typepad if possible. FWIW, I have a Pro level TypePad account.
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This can't be done automatically or with Basic Templates, but you might be able to wrangle it by using Advanced Templates (the ability to do this comes with a Pro level account). Using Advanced Templates requires that you be comfortable with coding, at least to a certain extent (HTML, CSS, and TypePad Advanced Template tags) though, which you might not like.

I'm part of the TypePad Support team, so if you wanted to open up a Help Ticket with more information, we can help you out over there! :-)
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