Xbox 360 Preowned, Fail?
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Pre-owned (refurb.) Xbox 360 - good idea or bad idea?

I'm looking at buying an Xbox 360 but I'm wary ever since the rate of failure, but maybe that's in the past since I haven't heard any recent rashes of console-deaths.

I've noticed lately that there have been a lot of refurbished Xbox 360 consoles floating around, and I assume there's a connection here between the failure rate of yesteryear and these refurbs. If I can save $100 on an xbox 360 premium (i.e. $200 rather than $300) would it be worth it? I want this thing to last at least 2 years.

Has anyone bought a refurbished Xbox 360 specifically? I'm worried about buying it and having it die, but maybe in the repair process, since it's not going out the door with poor quality-checks and is being repaired where it's already failed, it'd be even less likely to fail again. Any thoughts?
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bad idea, speaking as a red ring of death victim. They've changed the production process to reduce them; some folks have been through 3 or 4 trips to the store.

Also, there are new price cuts coming on the 20MB version (to pave the way for the next version).
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My co-worker just had a bad experience with a used XBox. These things are fragile, finicky beasts. It is absolutely worth the extra 100$ just to have a reliable replacement plan. I baby mine and I've been through two already.
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Depends on if the refurb is covered under warranty and how long. <90 days or no warranty, I'd say forget it. Might be better to buy a used one that still is under warranty.
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Best answer: The refurb is likely an older model that has been repaired, however the design flaw still exists.

IMO you are much better off getting a current model (falcon), or waiting for the next hardware revision called "jasper"
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I'm with everyone else. It's not worth the risk just to save a few dollars.
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I would only consider buying an Xbox 360 if it's under a long warranty. Brand new or used. My fancy Elite has already had one RROD in less than a year.
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I was under the impression that Microsoft was fixing them regardless, am I wrong? If so, can someone point me in the direction of some documentation?
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Best answer: Okay, just called 360 support. A used 360 is covered under the original purchase warranty. While under warranty, you can extend the warranty up to 2 years; $25 for one year $50 for two.

So, depending on the deal you get on the used, I go for it, nothing to lose, really.
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Just like Playstation 2's back in the day, the XBox 360 has changed a lot internally since launch, and the newer ones are much much less prone to failure.

I wouldn't do this to save $100, which is like two games, since the odds of needing to be without while you ship it to Microsoft for repair are so much higher.
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BTW I just did an office survey, and there have been a total of NINE failed XBox360's here, including a couple of multiples, while the six people who have PS3's have not had a return yet.

WTF is wrong with Microsoft's manufacturing!?
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I can't quote the source, but I read a long time ago that <>> refurbished merchandise has a lower initial failure rate than brand new stuff. Since then I've bought lots of refurbished goodies at huge savings and never had a problem with any of it. Everything has always been in like new condition and if weren't for a sticker or some printing on the box I would not be able to tell that it had been refurbished.
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Rokusan: I think that depends on your office, too, and who's got what revision of what console. We had three PS3s, three Xbox 360s, and two Wiis at my old office. I had the one 360 failure-- pre-Falcon model-- and my coworker had his PS3 shit the bed twice in three months.

The one thing every console can agree on, though, is that the yellow pad and the kick pedal on the Rock Band drums just plain sucks.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, I appreciate the comments.
IMO you are much better off getting a current model (falcon), or waiting for the next hardware revision called "jasper"
I'm thinking of buying one used from craigslist now instead and seeking out a newer model if I can, that way I may get a warranty and be able to extend it as well.
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