Fun 40th Birthday Celebration Idea Including Dinner?
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Chicago hive: any ideas for a 40th birthday celebration that includes dinner on a Saturday night for about a dozen people but is more fun than just doing dinner?

My friend is turning 40, and we wanted to have a fun, intimate celebration that includes dinner but is more than just dinner. We tried a cooking class, but there are no openings that night. A few other things to consider:

- he does not enjoy games, so something like Whirlyball, bowling or poker night is out

- we have a decent, but not huge budget (so some of the fancier lake cruises might be prohibitive)

- it would be in the evening

Can you think of any unique venues that don't cost a fortune?

Ideally it would be something that makes it easy for the group to interact. If you've ever been to one of those birthday dinners at a long table in a loud restaurant where you talk to the same 2 people all night, you know what I mean.

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No games at all? Not even, say, minigolf?

What about boardgames? The Blue Frog in River North has a bunch of boardgames, tiki drinks and karaoke after 10pm. Might be fun.

There are a number of Korean karaoke places that offer private rooms where you and your friends could goof off in privacy. Many serve food (and liquor, of course).
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me3dia - Those sound awesome to me. I'm going to request one of those karaoke places for my birthday.

Unfortunately, no games for my friend's birthday. His idea of a great evening is having a drink in some fancy hotel bar sitting in leather chairs and then going to an Italian restaurant where he can talk to the owners all night (assuming they are Italian). If we were doing a really small group (like 4-6) that's what we'd do. But since it's slightly larger we were hoping to find something unique and interactive.
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What about hitting ComedySportz or Improv Olympic after dinner? Tends to be somewhat interactive and always funny.
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Fondue at Geja's?
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