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Where can I find a list of "prank" websites that use customization to put the name of the victim somewhere within the site?

My google-fu is failing me, dear mefites. A friend send me the following link earlier, using my name, and the link shows a clever video using my name as a potential presidential candidate. (I doubt you will see MY personal video, but you can easily test it out, using your own name). The resulting video is cute, particularly the end section with the tattoo... I will admit to laughing out loud!

Anyway, I was wanting to find other, similar links, which use a person's name in a fake newspaper article, or flash site, or perhaps something even more creative. I seem to remember a great flash site that used the person's name in the address, something like

Has anyone bookmarked anything similar, or would you please help me find others?
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Semi-related (if you have somebody's site/blog):
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There was a similar gag to promote the 2nd season of Dexter
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I just sent my friend the justgotowned mentioned above. She sent me hahaha
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If you are feeling generous, then there is always http://(
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The You Are Mighty one is the one I remembered... but wow, I can't believe there are none as elaborate as the one I posted originally! Still, some of these are quite fun :)
posted by newfers at 9:27 AM on July 16, 2008

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