display/resolution problem with monitor/macbook
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display/resolution problem with monitor/macbook

I have a View Sonic (VA2226w) 22 inch monitor plugged into my apple laptop. I found the correct resolution with no fuss when I first set up my desk, but then my laptop froze and I had to force quit. When i restarted it, the resolution was all wrong. I went through every resolution option under the display section for both the Color LCD and the monitor's make #, but none of them are right. I re-started again and the monitor messaged me to try 1680 x 1050 which is the right resolution, but it is now not using the full screen (there is a 1.5 inch boarder on the top, a 2.5 inch boarder on the right, a 1.25 inch boarder on the bottom, and a 2.25 inch boarder on the left). How do I keep this resolution but utilize all of my 22 inch monitor?
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Have you tried zapping the PRAM?

This can often help resolve weird monitor resolution issues.
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Are you connecting via DVI or VGA?

Btw, its border.
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Response by poster: connecting via DVI (I think)
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