Cutting Out Objects in GIMP
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I am using GIMP and having the simplest difficult just cutting out an object (such as a briefcase). I want to cut object out and then place them in a different image....I can simply drag an entire layer to a new image but really need to know how to image-edit....I don't really know how to do it. I resorted to making a layer below and trying to erase around the object and that didn't work. I know how to do it in Photoshop but no longer have access to it in my office. If it matters I am on an IMac. I am kinda embarassed that I cannot figure out such a simple yet important procedure. Any help? Thanks so much for your input and time!
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i think the right-click context menu might be messing with you.

I don't have an installation of GIMP in front of me, but it goes something like this..

use the lasso tool to select what you want from the image.

right click, go to the edit menu, select copy or cut

go to the new image you want to add your selection to...

right click, edit, paste.

change to the hand tool and drag the pasted image where you want it.
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Have you tried using the scissor tool? You can use other selection tools to fine tune your selection by adding and subtracting from that region. Then you can cut the selection and paste it into a different image. Also, the magic want could give you good results if the object is mostly the same color and that color is different from the background.
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jrishel and demiurge have it right.

The lasso tool in Gimp I believe is actually called the 'Free Select' tool (although its icon is an image of a lasso).

The magic wand tool I believe is called 'Fuzzy Select' (and yes, its icon is an image of a magic wand).

Once you have the portion of the image you want selected (dotted borders around it), you should be able to copy and paste it.

Remember to be on the correct layer of the image you're copying from if it has multiple layers.
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Response by poster: thanks everyone...I will give it a shot!!
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