Where do you find good masculine clothing--for women?
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What does the "futch" woman wear to Vegas? And where does she find her clothing? If I'm not feeling the nine-inch heels, where can I find the clothing that will be appropriate for a night on the town and fit butch-leaning tastes?

I've read that if you are a woman trying to get into a club in Vegas, heels and short one-piece clubbing dresses are de facto--without 'em, you don't get in.

But what if you are not inclined to sparkly tube dresses? What is appropriate for the butchier-leaning woman? Would a good pair of jeans and a well-fitted button-up work? And does anyone have good sources of clothing for the masculine-leaning woman?
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Heels, women's dress pants, and a men's dress top?
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If you're hot enough you can probably get away with anything. Google for videos of a drunken Michelle Rodriguez to see what futch chicks wear when they hit the town. Great word btw, I was going to ask a less club-style version of this myself.
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See also Jackie Warner.
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Jeans, no. Match the girly-girls in formality and wear the masculine counterpart. What are the really sharp-dressed men wearing? Nicely-tailored trousers and men's dress shirt, maybe in a more polished fabric?
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Would a good pair of jeans and a well-fitted button-up work?

Not to be too boyzone gauche, but how does your ass look in those jeans, and how skimpy / see-through is the top?
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I think a black or dark colored ribbed tank with nice tailored pants and an accessory of some sort (hat, ascot, bracelet?) would look appropriate, and be comfortable.

There are at least two queer clubs right off the strip now, girlbar and the place next door, and neither one was hard for us to get into, without a single sequined tube dress in the group. I don't know if you're considereing them.
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Oh, the place next door to girlbar is krave.
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Again, if you have a pretty hot body, you could do fitted tuxedo type pants and a fitted tuxedo vest with nothing underneath. Accessorize with shiny metal bracelets and earrings maybe? Dunno, just a suggestion.
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Doesn't it also really depend on the club and time of year that you are going? Outside of the top half dozen or so clubs at peak times it shouldn't be too hard to get into a club assuming you have the cover charge.
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Those type of cheeseball clubs often have bullshit dress codes that forbid denim, sneakers, shorts, and sandals, so don't wear any of those. I went to a terrible Atlantic City club with my best friend for her 30th, and we got rejected at the door because her girlfriend was wearing Converse- although she was wearing a bow tie and vest and looked sharp otherwise.

I'd say: tux or dress pants, fitted shirt, vest or bow tie, kick-ass shoes (shiny? pointy? wing-tips?). It's REALLY fun to go out in Vegas if you're all dressed up, so maybe splurge on an awesome suit if you're feeling flush.
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I would wear narrow, well-fitting pinstripe trousers, a tight white button-down shirt unbuttoned further than is decent, and stiletto heels. A long rope of pearls or a silk flower to soften it up would be nice if you'd feel ok wearing that.
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You can wear nice jeans with cute/dressy/sparkly tops, even at clubs like Pure.
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Best answer: I thought I would follow up my own thread with what I actually wore to Vegas.

I found the Butch Style website and decided to go to the mall to check out what American Eagle had to offer. That was a failure, but a detour in Guess was a resounding success. The shirts fit pretty well (that is, they ran small enough) and had a variety of awesome styles to choose from. Their jeans worked too, though I forget what particular fit I chose. I think it was a boot-cut, actually. A snappy pair of black shoes from Payless completed it.

It worked for the gay clubs. I didn't try it out in the straight clubs, as my straight friends said I would never get in with it--but on entering Tao I picked out a couple where one of the girls was wearing a dressed-down version of my outfit, so I'm pretty sure I would have been fine.

(Also, I think some of the posters were missing my point with "futch"--I mean well-fitting butch clothing for women that was stylish and not flannel)
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Best answer: And I guess to make this a whole one-stop shopping for your butch/futch needs, check out Tomcat, Rigged Out/Fitters, and Dykes in the City.
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