screenshot batch processing script or application
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Looking for a recommendation for a free / open source script or application to batch capture/process screen shots of web sites, ideally from a list of urls.

(python, ruby, perl, php, processing, etc. all acceptable options. OS ambivalent. Command line ok, too.)
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I have good experiences with webshot, for Windows, though it uses the view of Internet Explorer; and some sites don't like their best in Internet Explorer.

It's free, and can do batches of dumps, from a text file.
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like = look
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I came across webshot before I posted the question, but thought it only did greyscale in the free version. Seems that's only the command line version. I'm checking out the GUI + Free version right now. Thanks!
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this is pretty easy to do on a Linux machine with ImageMagick installed. If I had one here at work I'd write you a script, but basically:


# 'import' is part of the ImageMagick package
# so is 'convert'


for url in $URLS
SCREENGRAB <screengrab options>
PROCESS <processing options>
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In Mac OS X, type man screencapture for the options for the screencapture command.

Mac OS X is UNIX, and the Terminal runs the bash shell, so you have access to that scripting environment, as well as perl and python, of course. So you can integrate screencapture with existing scripts.
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Maybe something like this might help?
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Thanks Blazecock Pileon, I am on a mac and I didn't consider the option to use screencapture. I'll give that a shot.
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