Are there any pay-as-you go dialup internet access companies with no monthly fee?
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Are there any pay-as-you go dialup internet access companies with no monthly fee? Preferrably with a POP in Charlottetown, PE, Canada, but one for roaming would be fine.
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Yes. They charge by the hour and are WAY more expensive than a monthly company but you can try GO Canquest internet. We sold this product for a while (I still have a couple of copies left) but I gave up when nobody was interested.

They have a local data number in Charlottetown, PE: 902-569-5339.

Their service is intended for roaming, they have numbers in almost all Canadian cities. It isn't cheap though, I think most stores are selling 22 hours for about $15.

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I've been using Access4free.comAcess4Free as my dialup backup for a long time. They have no monthly fee and let you use up to 10 hours a month at no charge. After that, access is $1USD/hr, up to a max of $10 each month, at which point access is unlimited. They seem to be US-only, but it may be a good idea for if you need dialup while you're down here.
posted by zsazsa at 1:19 PM on August 25, 2004 offers international pay-as-you-go dialup access without a monthly fee, including Charlottetown. They charge five cents a minute, although it's not clear if that's US$ or CDN$, with a $10 credit towards the first month's bill. I've used it a few times on various roadtrips in the US and have been happy with it. The software can also connect to ISDN, wired and wireless connections, where available (i.e., not in Charlottetown), though the rates are higher, of course.
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Thank you all, especially hootch who provided exactly what I wanted (sporatic wireless broadband was a wishlist item for me too).
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