Need a wedding officiant in sf bay area
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Need a wedding officiant in the sf bay area. I've looked through google ads, craigslist, and listings but haven't found anyone who seems sane yet has a sense of showmanship. We're not interested in deputizing a friend.
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Check out the Indiebride forums under "vendors" and you should be able to find someone.
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A friend of mine, Alex Momtchiloff, does this. He is very responsive to people's needs, and has a lovely English accent. He's on LinkedIn and his email is
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I highly recommend Reverend Timothy Mills. He's really got the gift. MeMail me if you want more info.
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Congratulations! If you're getting married in the North Bay Area, say within 30 miles of Petaluma, I am a certified Universal Life Chruch minister and I can be as showy as you wish :D.

MeFi mail me if interested.
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you should try
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