Help! I'm running my nipples ragged!
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I started running about a month ago, and am loving it, but -- chafed, red, sore nipples are no fun for me. Does anyone have any advice on how to avoid rubbing my nipples raw while running?
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Good lord man! Just control yourself and save that kind of thing for when you're in the privacy of your own home!

But seriously, I found that certian fits/cuts/materials of shirt were much more abusive than others, have you tried different shirts?

If you're not a hirstute man, I've heard band-aids sterile adhesive bandages make good nipple-sheilds.
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A mansiere? Or a bro?
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bandaids. or surgical tape. or electrical tape. or, if you can find them, nippless.
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Possum fur!
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My nipple-chafed roommate swore by vaseline
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Damn! Someone beat me to Nipguards (featured on Dave Barry).
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vaseline (but you'll have two greasy patches on your shirt) or band-aids (but pulling them off might be a pain if you're hairy)
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Chafing advice for runners.
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Why don't you just run topless?
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I'd also suggest running without a shirt (except for most winter runs). The air and any breeze will cool you off more due to direct contact with sweat anyway. I run cross-country for my school and we almost always run with our shirts off. It's just easier that way.
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Yeah... to echo thebablefish, running without a shirt is entirely acceptable while it's still warm out. At first it feels pretty dorky... but you'll get used to it. Also, I dunno what you run in, but most of those super-techo-fiber shirts should be light enough to not cause any damage to your sensitive bits.
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Response by poster: I've been running in gym shorts and various t-shirts, and have had the problem on and off since I started (some shirts worse than others). I haven't run shirtless partly because I'm running to lose weight, and feel a little embarassed showing skin (not to mention i'm ghostly pale), and haven't invested in ultra-high-tech fiber shirts cause I'm new at it and didn't want to invest too much to something I wasn't sure I'd have the willpower to continue over the long term. But that seems the more sensible solution, if it gets a vote of approval.
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I run every day, and you really want to get the breathable shirts. Cotton is super heavy after 3 miles or so, and you feel much better overall. An aside, but if you're running to lose weight, don't get discouraged, results may not show for at least 6 weeks. . .but when that day comes, you'll feel great. And you'll think, "I'm so glad I bought that New Balance Lightweight Zone 1 Micro Poly Double Pique running shirt."
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a lot of the breathable shirts are really starting to come down in price (and i'd agree with a lot of people that they really do make exercising a lot more comfortable and fun).

i've seen them at costco for cdn$12, for example. here's one at one of my favourite outdoors stores for all of cdn$17. i have the girl's version of this shirt and it's holding up really really well. i'd imagine it'd work quite well for you and your sore nipples!
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The awesomest thing about super-high-tech gym clothes is that you can wash them while you're in the shower with a little soap, and the next day they're good-as-new!
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grit your teeth and just deal with it till the callouses form.
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vaseline works fine for me. for some reason you only need the lightest of coverings, so it doesn't make a noticeable mess on the shirt.

i get an occasional sore nipple even though i've been running for years, so i don't think it's something that will get better with time. it's rare enough that i don't bother with vaseline unless i had a problem the last time i went out.

it also helps if you get chafing between the legs (eg with new shorts), or from a label in a waistband or collar.

extra tip - avoid wearing socks with holes in if you run in sandy areas - if you get sand in your shoe things get nasty pretty quickly where there's no sock to protect you.
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