Desperately Seeking Scarf
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Please help me find this scarf.

I'm not really looking for this *exact* scarf, but for a decent, thin-weave, biggish scarf that approximates this goldish, mustardy color (but not sparkly). The color is the thing.

It would hurt me to spend more than $30, but sometimes I choose pain over prudent financial decisions. I'm hoping that I might be able to find scarves on sale this time of year.

P.S. Are there small time, crafty people making scarves like this? I've looked on but the scarves there seem chunky (not a bad thing, but not what I'm looking for).
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That looks like one of the "pashminas" sold on the streets of NYC for $5 or $10. I have that scarf in a half-dozen colors. If you can't find one online, I'll find you one on the street (need to find a vendor anyway, my mom wants one too....)
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I think you're looking for a pashmina, like this.
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This looks exactly like it. The color IS fantastic.
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Something similar looks to be available for cheap on eBay from....who else? Mr. Pashmina. How can you go wrong? His name is Mr. Pashmina. Here's one you can bid on.
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Cashmere is easy to dye, by the way. You just need Acid Dye. This stuff. So, if you can find a one you like in a fair color, and have access to a nice yarn store, the chances are great that you can do this yourself. I'm always finding ugly cashmeres and angoras and re-dyeing them.
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Looks like a pretty standard pashmina scarf, gettable in most major cities in the US and Europe . . . you might have luck finding diversity of colors. There are weavers on etsy, but hand-woven scarfs of more modest size than what you're hoping for tend to go for $60-$70 and are generally made out of wool, sometimes with silk or linen mixed in.

I think you'd be best off going to the fashion district in Los Angeles, large east coast metropolises, or population centers in western Europe for getting more variety, color-wise.
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PS- there are a LOT of options on ebay: 62 options for 'yellow pashmina' and several sellers advertise having hundreds of color options. Perhaps you might continue your search there?
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She has her own blog now.. :)

I bet it's from H&M because she gets a lot of things there, plus I seem to recall they had a LOT of stuff in that color last fall.. however, I don't think they have it now. I think it's a rayon blend, going by the kind of scarf they usually have.

I have bought raw silk scarves from sellers on eBay who import items from Thailand, here's a gold one, I haven't personally bought from this seller.. mine are from eThaimarket who has always been excellent (I don't see any gold scarves in his/her shop but maybe ask?).. they're very lightweight and very bright colors and cheap (you do have to be a bit careful about not pulling the fabric though).
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Here's another.. and one more again, YMMV far as the sellers go as I haven't shopped there.. :) Again I love mine but they are very thin and lightweight, it's not the kind of item you could keep and wear for many many years, just a fun trendy thing.
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H&M has a yellow scarf like that in their stores right now. Of course, I can't just link to the item because they don't sell online in the US, but here's some pictures of a girl wearing it.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions! iconomy's suggestion looks the most like the color I'm looking for (but the store is based in the uk). I've checked around on ebay in the past, but almost all the pashminas there look flimsy or shiny.
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