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Who are some great comedians I've probably never heard of that I can watch on youtube?
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You may have heard of him. Maybe not. Demetri Martin is really funny.

I also liked Dat Phan.

More well known, now unfortunately passed on, but Mitch Hedberg rules...

Most of my friends haven't heard of any of these guys, but if you're into stand up, you probably have.
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Go here and watch some Dr. Katz. The comedian guests are awesome. You'll get some good ideas.
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George Wallace, the comedian. Great stuff. I saw him in person about 15 yrs. ago at a JCC concert, (yes--he is Jewish).
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Zach Galifianakis
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There's also the other Mitch, Mitch Fatel.

Jim Gaffigan. Patton Oswalt. Emo Phillips. Steven Wright. Debra Digiovanni. Jo Brand.
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I'm a big fan of Jim Gaffigan's hot pocket bit, apparently a lot of his comedy is food related.
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Oh, and because no one's said him yet, Bill Hicks. I liked him back when I was a cynical teenager.
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Not youtube, but I thought this series of shows by Maria Bamford was pretty funny. Found via this FPP.
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Seconding Mitch Hedberg and Jim Gaffigan. I love Jim Gaffigan's routine about Cake.
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Bo Burnham is freaking hilarious.
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Doug Stanhope.
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Louis CK is wonderful.

I'm really taken by Stewart Lee at the moment. This piece (in two segments) on the movie Braveheart, the historical William Wallace, and Scottish identity (delivered to a Scottish audience) is way, way funnier than it should be.
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Nikki Payne.
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Dylan Moran's Like, Totally. I've linked to the first of seven parts. He's Irish. I laughed until I cried.
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Bill Bailey is all kinds of wonderful. His Part Troll is a joy and there's tons of his stuff online. I've re-enacted scenes from his Is It Bill Bailey? to friends since it aired.
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Being Irish, please forgive me for my list consisting solely of home-grown talent:

Dara O'Briain
Dylan Moran
Tommy Tiernan
Jason Byrne
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Jake Johannsen.
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Jeremy Hotz is awesome. Find his Comedy Central presents special, if you can.
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Totally agreeing with Nikki Payne. :)
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Greg Behrendt has been pigeonholed as the "He's Just Not That Into You" guy, but his standup is really smart and funny. I saw him open for Janeane Garofalo in 1995 and have been a fan ever since.
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Seconding, strongly, Maria Bamford. She's brilliant.
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The Pub Landlord
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The legend that was Tommy Copper
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If you like British comedy, have a look at Jimmy Carr. From what I gather, he's not terribly well-known in the States.
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I personally love Brian Regan.
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I suppose he's not anonymous any more but Eddie Izzard is hilarious.
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I once took a very stoned Doug Benson to a waterpark in Dallas.
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Oh, and the first I heard of her was from Last Comic Standing, but I have a serious crush on Iliza Shlesinger right now.
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paul f. tompkins.

torrent the guy as there's not a lot of his standup available on youtube.
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I could recommend individual stand ups, but I came across some good compilations on YouTube. Apparently Channel 4 in the UK had a program on the '100 Greatest Stand Ups', and this ~10 minute video has some clips from the show. There's a nice long list at the side (under 'more info'), and maybe you'll see someone who tickles your funny bone. The comedians are largely British (with the exception of Chris Rock and Richard Pryor, who are well-known, anyway). It looks like this user uploaded the entire thing (maybe?) in nineteen parts. It might be worth watching if you're feeling a little indecisive or want a good sampler.. I know I'm going to be starting on this right now!

I don't want to list too many comedians who have already been recommended. I've always preferred British humor, and I do have to agree with all of the comedians listed so far. If I would add anyone it would be.. the multi-talented Dave Gorman (some stand up, some of his specials, but all brilliant) and Alexei Sayle.
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dave allen
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Bobby Slayton
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Also Irish: Ed Byrne (so not the Jason mentioned above). Link is to the first part of his show Pedantic and Whimsical (the Youtube poster can't spell). Youtube will offer you the rest.

Love this show.
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Todd Barry
Joe Mande
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Oh, and of course, Rick Shapiro.
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Richard Herring who used to be part of a double act with Stewart Lee. Both of there are just the right side of smart-arsery.
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Black Beauty - now he was a dark horse.
Tim Vine
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apparently a lot of his comedy is food related.

I'm pretty sure one of his famous aside whispers is "Are all these jokes gonna be about food?!?"
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You can't forget Bobby Collins, on the inside.

On the outside, hmph, can't think of anyone else.
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Frankie Boyle for sure.

For more Frankie and other funny British comedians, watch some clips from Mock the Week. Keep an eye out for any clips that include Hugh Dennis, who is hysterical. One more.

I guess I'm pretty much just a shill for Mock the Week.
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You probably have heard of him, as the host of Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel.
But Ben Bailey is a rather funny stand-up comic as well.
He even has his own YouTube Channel.
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Daniel Kitson
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Here's a quick sampling of a few of Britain's 100 Greatest Stand-Ups. You could check them out and go from there.
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I just asked a question about a stand-up comic I saw years ago and didn't know the name of. Turns out it was a guy called Marc Maron, who I recommend highly.
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I can't search youtube, as I'm on a dialup connection at the moment...

But Anjelah Johnson (the last name may be without h, I'm not sure) has a bit on YT about going to the nail salon that is absofrigginglutely hilarious. There may be more, but that's all I remember seeing from the last time I was around a high-speed connection (*sighs wistfully*).
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I highly recommend subscribing to the Never Not Funny podcast. Many of the comedians listed here (Bamford, Benson, Thompkins) and many that have not (Mike Schmidt, Chris Hardwick, Rob Courdry, Matt Walsh, etc) are really great and sharp. NNF is a talk-show style podcast where they literally talk about any and all topics. Worth paying for, but there is a free feed of the first 20ish minutes each week.

I'll put in a plug for Neil Hamburger too.
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