English listing of artists from promotional video of Chinese 2008 Olympics?
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Is there an English listing of all of the artists found in the China 2008 Olympics promotional video/theme?

Specifically, I'd like to know the artists from 2:59, 3:24, and 4:00.. but I'm sure a listing of everyone would be helpful to more than just myself ^_^
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In another version of the same theme a Chinese youtube user (named lmhlcglee) offered to transcribe the singers' names. The text below is theirs:

Now these are the names of the singers. First is the number,then their Chinese name ,then their English names,at last I will give you a brief introduction about them, a list of their works and I want to tell you that they are all super stars! Every screen in the MV is an Tourist Attractions that worthy of your travel.

1.陈天佳Chen Tianjia I can't find her English name,when she was only 5,she sang the song at the Closing ceremony of Athens Olympics
2.刘欢 Liu Huan《亚洲雄风》《少年壮志不言愁》《弯弯的月亮》、《心中的太阳》
3.那英 Na, Ying <>><>><>>
4.孙燕姿Stefanie Sun 《我要的幸福》《遇见》
5.孙悦,Sun Yue 《祝你平安》和《心情不错》
6.王力宏Lee-hom Wang 《唯一》<爱你就等于爱自己>
7.韩红Han Hong《家乡》、《风雨中的美丽》、《雪域光芒》、《醒了》、《天亮了》、《天涯》、《歌唱》、《来吧》、《月亮》
8.周华健Chau, Emil (Wakin)《风雨无阻》,《一起吃苦的幸福》,《朋友》,《好想哭》,《忘忧草》,《有没有一首歌会让你想起我》
9.梁咏琪gigi Leung Wing Kei 《雪人》 《I'll be loving you 》《短发》
10.羽泉Tony, It's a band combination. 《最美》《冷酷到底》
11.成龙Jackie Chan ,I think there's no necessary to introduce him,he is a dear people in the performing arts circle in China.
12.任贤齐Richie Jen《心太软 》 《浪花一朵朵》 《橘子香水》
13.蔡依林Jolin 《看我72变 》《许愿池的希腊少女 》
14.孙楠Sun Man 《不见不散》
15.周笔畅Zhoubichang She is the new performing arts sector,and has no English name.《笔记》
16.韦唯Wei Wei :《爱的奉献》《同一首歌》《亚洲雄风》《辘轳女人和井》
17.黄晓明He was an actor。
18.韩庚 Hankyung He dresses Tangzhuang .
19.汪峰Wang Feng
20.莫文蔚Karen Mok 《爱》《盛夏的果实》《阴天》
21.谭晶Tan Jing
22.陈奕迅Easonchan《爱情呼叫转移》《 富士山下》 、《十年》
23.阎维文Yan Weiwen 《说句心里话》《母亲》
25.王霞and李双松 Wang Xia and Li Shuangsong ,they have no English name.WangXia is the musicians and singers .
26.廖昌永Liao Chang Yong or Liao Chan Yong The man with glasses is Liao Chan Yong.
27.林依轮Allen Lin is drinking tea.
28.张娜拉Jang_Nara She is Korean
29.林俊杰Lam JJ He wears red T-shirt.
30.阿杜 A-DO stands with Lam JJ.
31.京剧:北京欢迎你呀~~ This is Beijing Opera ,but I don't konw the singers.

32.容祖儿Joey Her clothes is Orange.
33.李宇春Chris Lee or Chris
34.黄大炜David Huang
35.陈坤ALOYS He is an actor and a singer
36.谢霆锋Nicholas Tse stands with joey and Cheng, Yumiko who is in red.
37.韩磊Now the voice you hear is Han Lei's,he has no English name,but you can't see him,you can see Dao Lang(刀郎),Tony,ALOYS,Shawn,They sing together,
then you can see Easonchan ,and Jackie Chan again.
38.徐若瑄 The next singer is Vivian who is in yollow.
39.费翔Phillips, Kris You can't see him too.
You can see Liu Huan,Sun Man,Richie Jen,Lee-hom Wang again.
40.汤灿Tangchan has no English name,she is doing some embroidery.
41.林志玲and张梓琳Chiling and Eilin(Eileen) Chiling is a professional actor and model.
42.张靓颖Jane Chang That is Paper-cut.
43.许茹芸and伍思凯 The woman irrigating flowers is Hsu, Ju Yun Valen,her previous name is Hui,Valen .The man is Sky
44.杨坤and范玮琪 Maybe this man's name is Yang Kun .Next is Fan Fan .
45. 游鸿明 and 腾格尔 and 黄大炜 and 满文军and 纪敏佳 Chris Yu ,Teng Ge Er ,David Huang,Man Wen Jun and Ji Minjia(she had no English name) sing together.
周晓欧 Zhou Xiaoou has no English name,he is now writting.
Hankyung,gigi Leung Wing Kei,Tony appear again
46.沙宝亮Sha Baoliang <>>
47.金海心and何润东Peter Ho and Hannah are singing together,you can see Peter Ho now,but you can see Hannah at last.
48.飞儿and庞龙 F.I.R is a band combination. Pang Long wears white chothes.
49.李玉刚和红衣服的站在一起Li Yugang ,I didn't find his English name.he stands with a woman that I don't know as well.
吴克群Kenji Wu
50.5566and胡彦斌 5566 and Hu, Anson 5566 is a band combination.
51.刀郎and郑希怡Dao Lang is in black.
52.屠洪纲Tu Honggang
吴彤Wu Tong
53.郭容You can see Cheng, Yumiko with Nicholas Tse and joey.
Now there are 3 female singers,in the middle is Hannah,Guo Rong"s hair is the longest,the last singer is Ji Minjia. I can't find Guo RongandJi Minjia's English names.
刘耕宏Will (Teng Ge Er also sings,but he appears in front so he doesn't appear here)
周华健.and蔡依林Chau, Emil (Wakin) appears again and as well as Jolin
54.苏醒and金莎and韦嘉 Allen su and Kitty Land Kym(cream is her former name) and Wei jia
55. 房祖名and付丽珊and 黄征JayceeChan and Fu Lishan(I can't find her English name) and shawn
成龙You can see Jackie Chan again,and from now on all singers appear Repeatedly !

Hopefully you can back track and find the one you're looking for...

(thanks to lmhlcglee for this info)

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Edited version, based on this --

-- Appx Time -- Artist -- Scene --
00:13-00:18 - Chen Tianjia - Little girl in red dress
00:19-00:24 - Liu Huan - Man, Pink shirt, black pants, gray hair
00:25-00:30 - Na, Ying - Woman in white ruffly top
00:31-00:36 - Stefanie Sun - Gal in green shirt, off-white scarf-thing with tassles, among children
00:37-00:42 - Sun Yue - Gal in all blue outfit
00:43-00:48 - Lee-hom Wang - Man in one-piece black priest-like suit, paints and unfurls a scroll
00:49-00:54 - Han Hong - Semi-androgenous woman in leather & sunglasses, outstretch hands
00:55-01:01 - Chau, Emil (Wakin) - Man in black suit coat, green camo shirt, necklace, spins around with arms out
01:02-01:06 - gigi Leung Wing Kei - Woman in gold-and-purple gown
01:07-01:12 - "Tony" - a duo, one in red jacket, other in plaid sleeveless sweater
01:13-01:20 - Jackie Chan - in all white, at a windy locale
01:21-01:27 - Richie Jen - Man in white jacket and black-bkgrnd t-shirt, seated before gargoyles
01:28-01:34 - Jolin - Woman in white dress with gold bow-belt, bracelet on left arm
01:35-01:39 - Sun Man - Man in all black, button-up top, in front of dome structure
01:40-01:46 - Zhoubichang - Woman in dark-frame glasses, polka-dot necktie
01:47-01:52 - Wei Wei - Seated, in pink kimono holding paper butterfly
01:53-01:58 - Unknown Actor - in dark blue with suspenders, wiggles finger
01:59-02:03 - Hankyung - Red/gold clothes, standing, holding purple mask
02:04-02:09 - Wang Feng - Man in dark blue with left breast button pocket, among sculptures
02:10-02:15 - Karen Mok - Gal in pink one-piece with random white stripes crisscrossing
02:16-02:21 - Tan Jing - Woman paints small house, gold plants in foreground
02:22-02:28 - Easonchan - Man in all black with fluffy collar, stands before large arched passage
02:29-02:34 - Yan Weiwen - Opera-like singer in front of stalk-like fence
02:35-02:40 - Dai,Yuqiang - Man on steps in all black, with red handkerchief in left breast pocket
02:41-02:49 - "Wang Xia and Li Shuangsong" (band) - the latter name is the first singer in blue, Wang Xia are the cut-in clip of two musicians
02:50-02:53 - Liao Chan Yong - Man with suit coat and pink dress shirt, glasses
02:54-02:58 - Allen Lin - Seated, pink shirt with black vest, making tea in a tiny cup
02:59-03:04 - Jang_Nara - Korean gal between pillars, in yellow with black letters, rolled-cuff shorts and boots
03:05-03:16 - Lam JJ - In red shirt, other guy in red/white stripe with black coat unknown
03:17-03:24 - random Beijing opera singers - in costumes, one laughs
03:25-03:30 - Joey - Woman in orangey-red sleeveless dress, crosses arms
03:31-03:35 - Chris Lee - Woman in red with black buttons, helps sets table
03:36-03:41 - David Huang - Man playing with kid, large forehead
03:42-03:47 - ALOYS - Young man in black with white collar shirt, stands before wall with red diamond sign
03:48-03:53 - Joey / Nicholas Tse / Cheng, Yumiko - guy between two ladies, listed left-right
03:54-03:59 - Han Lei's voice (not shown) - Quick clips of Dao Lang, Tony, ALOYS, Shawn, Easonchan ,and Jackie Chan
04:00-04:05 - Vivian - hottie in yellow before cityscape
04:06-04:36 - Quick clips of repeats, instrumental, city shots and architecture of Olympic venues
04:37-04:42 - Tangchan - Woman with pearl necklace making embroidery
04:43-04:49 - Eilin(Eileen) Chiling - model and actress, in white top, briefly seated with other gals
04:50-04:54 - Jane Chang - In red hoodie on the left, cutting paper
04:55-05:00 - Hsu, Ju Yun Valen / Sky - Duo, first (woman) waters flowers, man is seated
05:01-05:05 - Yang Kun / Fan Fan - Man (Yang) and woman (Fan) trade clips rapidly
05:06-05:12 - Chris Yu / Teng Ge Er / David Huang / Man Wen Jun / Ji Minjia - uncertain which is which, but Zhou Xiaoou is writing
05:16-05:18 - Sha Baoliang - standing near blue/white vases
05:19-05:23 - Peter Ho and Hannah - Duo, but Hannah not shown, man in front of tower with a ball at the top
05:24-05:29 - "F.I.R" (band) - three-person band with keyboard guitarist, Pang Long appears for a split second in white and glasses
05:30-05:35 - Li Yugang - Man with unknown lady in red, and Kenji Wu in gray vest
05:36-05:42 - "5566 and Hu Anson" (band) - quartet in alleyway, presumably Hu Anson in purple who points at camera
05:43-05:45 - Wu Tong - man with black hat next to red pillar with gold lettering
05:46-06:13 - Uncertain which is which - Hannah, Guo Rong (with long hair), and Ji Minjia, Will, Teng Ge Er, Allen su, Kitty Land Kym, Wei jia, JayceeChan, and Fu Lishan..
06:14-ENDING- Jackie Chan reappears, then the rest is all repeats in rapid succession.
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Posted to this blog post with request for updates/corrections. Many thanks!
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an update from lmhlcglee:

01:35-01:39 is Sun Nan not Sun Man
01:53-01:58 Huang Xiaoming
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