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Best place to get some vinyl ripped to electronic format, in Seattle?

I've got a bunch of LPs that I'd like to get converted into an electronic form of some sort. I'd prefer someone local, so I can avoid shipping the vinyl half-way-cross the country and back. Anyone know of a reliable service in Seattle?

Ideally, I'm looking for someone who will split albums into tracks, and can scan the original 12" cover art.
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For the price you'd pay others to do the work you could buy a USB turntable. They often come with software to help you split into tracks or you could use something free like audacity. Then you could scan the artwork at kinko's or your favorite local copy shop.
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First hit on google for "USB" turntable:

The bonus of DIY is that you can redo it as many times as you need if the sound doesn't come out the way you want it.

Plus, you can also use audacity to smooth over some of the dither/pops/whatever in the sound. (That's a bit advanced, though.)
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Response by poster: I have a USB turntable, what I don't have is time. Please answer the question at hand.
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Pay a friend to rip the vinyl using your USB turntable? Craigslist?
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I don't like to promote my company on Metafilter, but Seattle is the home of Reclaim Media. You can find us on Stone Way N (Wallingford) and will do exactly what you need (including 3 megapixel images of the cover art). We're also he company that digitized the record collection for kcrw: The Music Library Reborn.

We'd love to help you with your records.


Carl Coryell-Martin
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I just came across this Craigslist ad the other day when I was searching for a record player.
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And if you are into someone a bit more boutique, Joe Roeder at Precision-AR does very good work, including record surgery (repairing skips). I don't have experience with anyone else in the seattle area.


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I was given a Ion USB turntable and from the few records I have ripped it seemed to work just fine. Insound has some turntables for sell. I've never bought a turntable from them, but have been buying records from then for seven years now so its a good site. I aslo remember seeing a device that looked like a huge dvd player/burner but was for ripping vinyl(I think it was on boingboing but couldn't find it ) but it was really expensive
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