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Kids' book filter: Two sisters, possibly twins, one a brunette named Natalie but known as Tilly, English, involves going to stay in the country and horses, most likely published in the early-mid 80s (when I read it), possibly a trilogy or a series. Any help with the title or author would much appreciated!
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You might try this list of YA books about horses.
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Response by poster: Thanks acidic! Unfortunately it's not there. I'll keep looking...
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Any chance it could be The Canning Season?
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Never mind, I see that's newer.
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Over at Jezebel there is a regular feature called Fine Lines about old YA fiction; at the end of most Fine Lines there is also a Plotfinder reader request where someone is trying to find the name of a YA novel from which they remember the plot but not the title. You could try submitting your question there. (Fine Lines writer is Lizzie Skurnik; e-mail is
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tip, hurdy gurdy girl! Looks like a fun feature, I look forward to reading through it.
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