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I just took my first photography class and had a lot of fun. (Thanks AskMe!) One of the best things was getting shooting assignments. Are there groups of people who give themselves shooting assignments, say weekly, and then share and discuss the results? Where are they?
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Best answer: dpchallenge is a site that is basically all about this.

Not so much discussion though.
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Best answer: Digital Photography School has weekly assignments.

There are tons of Flickr groups. I would dig some up for you, but a lot of them are pretty specific in what the assignments entail. And those that aren't that way I feel are generally wack. Feel free to get in further contact with me and I'll help you find some stuff. But right now, I'd be blindly guessing at what interests you.
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You might enjoy the Digital Photography School exercises.
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There's a Flickr group for Neil Creek's blog, with weekly assignments. Creek then picks the best ones and posts them on his blog, with discussion in the comments. It's still a new group, so people are still getting the hang of it, but it's a friendly crowd.
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Strobist has flash photography assignments, and an avid and active following. See also the site's Flickr group.
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Best answer: *SELF LINK WARNING*
I run shuttercal.com and we have themed assignments, along with the assignment that is the point of the site, taking a photo every day to improve your photography skills and document your life. I'll link to the mefi projects post to avoid shadiness.
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Utata has regular projects/assignments. You have to use Flickr to participate.
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Best answer: Fixed link to Utata.
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Some of my Flickr pals do Class with Dave and Dave.
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I'm also going to throw out Digital Photography School. They do weekly assignments on their forums.
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In the forums at fredmiranda.com, there are weekly and monthly assignment forums.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much for all the great ideas. Does anyone have any personal experience with any of these groups? Did you get what you wanted out of joining?
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Back when I first got into photography (I was about fifteen at the time), I was a member of DPChallenge for around two years. I learned an incredible amount of information and had a blast. Once I get to college next month, I'm considering starting again.

Highly, highly recommended.
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Oh, and the This Week In Photography podcast does weekly assignments too.

I belong to a local group with monthly assignments, and it's a lot of fun. I learn quite a lot, not just from trying to work to the topic, but also from seeing what more experienced photographers make of it. And usually someone pops in a joke photo too :) I like the slower pace of monthly challenges, because photography isn't my only hobby, but most people seem to like more frequent assignments.
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