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Annoyingly specific question about a failed Flash installation on a Mac:

1. Some website told me to update flash. In retrospect, I think I already had version 9, but I went to the Adobe sight and downloaded the installer for power PC Macs anyway.
2. The installer opens fine and then gets to "Items remaining to be installed: 4" and just stops. Nothing happens from there even if left all night.
3. So I go download the UNinstaller. Downloads fine, but when I open it, my computer freezes - every time.
4. Have tried restarting computer several times.
5. Opened Terminal and put in:
cd "/Volumes/Adobe Flash Player 9/Install Flash Player 9 UB/Contents/MacOS"
It says: No such file or directory

sudo "./Install Flash Player 9 UB"
It says: command not found

6: For the hell of it, I also used Disk Utility to Repair Disk Permissions.

Computer Specs: iBook G4, Power PC, OS 10.4.8. I mostly use Firefox 2 but also have Safari and Explorer.

Flash does not work at all on my computer now, which is a problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I also welcome you to tell me a better forum for this question! Thank you! !!
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Use Pseudo. I had this exact same problem. Pseudo was able to run the installer with elevated privileges and the install completed successfully.
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Response by poster: Thanks tcv. I just tried your suggestion and am stalling out at the same place. I'll try to fiddle with it a little more before I give up though.
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could have a bad or stuck preference file. check both in root and user /library/. i usually clear any cache, pref, receipt and preferencePane that seems like it may be related. place in trash but don't empty, then restart and try again. keep them for a while in case it breaks something else.

macfixit.com and macintouch.com are good places for specific issues like this.
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