How can I buy a custom mix LP?
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I want to make my wife a mix - not on her iPod, not on CD, not even on tape, but a mix LP so those daggy eighties tracks are crackly and warm like my lurve. Is there a service that'll let me give them a bunch of tracks and then put them on to vinyl for me, or am I cluelessly underestimating how involved, expensive and illegal such a service is likely to be?
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There are places that cut custom vinyl for DJs -- search for "dub plates" (sometimes just one word). Not sure how they'd deal with material you clearly didn't own the copyrights to.

Cool idea, by the way!
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I don't know any contacts in Australia specifically, but you're looking for someplace like this:

This is pretty common for DJs to one-off thier own beat/mix disks. If you're stuck, go to the magazine rack and check out the ads in the back of DJ magazines. You should find quite a few local options.

Whoever you use will make you sign a waiver saying that you have permission to make a copy of the music. They won't check, they're just making sure you're on the hook for any copyright infringement.

I believe it will cost in the neighborhood of $100 (USD) for a double sided 45.
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Make your own!
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I have seen a consumer-oriented record-cutter for sale in a vintage shop. I should have snapped that thing up. You might keep your eyes out for one on ebay.
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Peter King, King Records in New Zealand. His turn around time is vast though.
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This company does vinyl to CD. Not quite what you're looking for, but they might have some info for you. I've dealt with them in the past, and they were quite responsive.
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My friend made a record for me as a thank-you (I think it was Custom Records but I will have to check when I get home). He remixed one of our favorite songs, and it was an incredibly touching gift.
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Thank you all - knowing the jargon and that there's even consumer-grade equipment to do this sort of thing makes it a near reality rather than a pipe dream. I'll try Custom Records to see if they'll ship here; otherwise, I'll check the local DJ scene for advice.
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