Where can I find sheets that will impress my friends?
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I'm looking for some totally awesome, impressive bedding, featuring either Nintendo or Sanrio characters, or at least interesting designs. Difficulty: Must be King size.

I've checked the local Target and Bed Bath and Beyond with no success, so I'm turning to the internet.

First choice: I want a Super Mario Bros bed. Or just a Mario bed in general. Hell, I'll settle for Toad or Yoshi - If it's Nintendo, bring it on! But I can't seem to find anything, save for a few quilts on Etsy that I didn't really care for.

Second choice: Chococat, Hello Kitty, Deery Lou, Sanrio cuteness in spades. Haven't been able to find anything in King size.

Third choice: Roxy, except Roxy doesn't make anything in King size, period. Bold designs, bright colors - Hot pink and lime green are my friends. I'm not going for subtle here.

If you can think of anything I haven't, clue me in. Sheets are more important than duvets/blankets here, but any leads would be fantastic.
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Response by poster: Oh, and I forgot to mention... eBay isn't really an option for me.
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Best answer: Marimekko
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Amenity has beautiful bedding with gorgeous nature prints. It's not exactly what you're looking for (the sheets are definitely bold graphically, but perhaps too subtle in color), but totally worth taking a look at.
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Company Store has a lot of vibrant bedding. Here are some vibrant sheets. As does Domestications.
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Hm.. online search brings up:



maybe you could just buy outrageous king sized sheets like the above and themed pillows to make it what you want?
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found this too, carry the theme onto your walls with decals...


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this is fun, yoshi and ninetendo pillows!

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Depending on how much money/time you want to devote to this, I'm sure fabric stores have Hello Kitty prints (I couldn't find any cotton ones in a quick web search, but some fleece options came up. I'm almost certain I've seen several Hello Kitty prints, though) and you could have someone make you a duvet cover to fit a king-sized bed. Super Mario prints may also exist out there too.

Sadly, that doesn't help you with sheets, unless you want a sheet with a seam down the middle.

If you can get to an IKEA, they usually have some ridiculous colors and/or prints (but buy two at a time so you have an extra -- they tend to be discontinued and then you're out of luck). They also have some fabric by the yard, if you want to get something made.
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I've never seen king or queen sized Nintendo sheets, but I love eatdonuts idea to use the pillows and decals to make the bed area Nintendo-themed overall. I'd get some bright, primary colored sheets in mix and match colors and a bunch of those Mario plush pillows, put some decals near your bed, and get those cute little mushroom slippers to keep by your bed. Man, that would be awesome.
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