Luxury vacation rentals around Puerto Vallarta?
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Need help finding a luxury vacation rental in/around Puerto Vallarta for one couple, no kids.

My wife and I (no kids) are planning a vacation in/around the Puerto Vallarta area this Fall, say around October (but we're flexible).

We're looking for a luxury experience, preferably a house or condo, possibly a small boutique hotel. We'd like a place that's right on a nice beach, away from the crowds, but close enough to get to nice restaurants without a long drive. Privacy, beauty, cleanliness, and modern amenities are desired.

Examples of places that look nice to us are here:

The only problem is that these places have several bedrooms, and we don't need quite that much space. A one-bedroom place in that style would be perfect.

Max budget is around $600/night.

Thanks for any tips.
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Whoops, here's the above link again:
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I've rented a vacation home through VRBO. It depends on the house and the owner but it was a beautiful experience.

Puerto Vallarta on VRBO

They're not boutique hotels but the Westin Puerto Vallarta and the Four Seasons Punta Mita are sure to be gorgeous and luxurious.
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